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      To help everyone live a long healthier and uplifting life through our active performance brand. Our brand, represents hard work and inspiring individuals to do better for themselves physically and mentally.


      Ryan Garrett, CEO and creator of the brand has a story on how Legacy Built Apparel was created. His story sets himself apart from others. Ryan was interested in the fitness world in college. Growing up in Carson, CA where he skateboarded, hung out with friends and took interest into fitness. At the time, in college he didn’t know how big fitness was until his friends were involved into fitness, competing, winning shows, and getting paid for it. During his time at Cal State San Bernardino, he began his journey into fitness. He fell in love with going to the gym and working out even competing in different men’s physique shows. He focused building his name in the fitness industry by associating himself with other athletes. Now he has created a performance brand that is a meaningful to his life.